Grinding Head for Deckel FP3L

These equipments can also be used on the FP2.

Spindle Travel: 5-75 mm
Spindle Speeds with Continuous Adjustment:

  • For wheels up to Ø 32 mm: 15,000-30,000 rpm
  • For wheels up to Ø 15 mm: 30,000-60,000 rpm
  • For other electrical equipment (frequency converter, spindle motor 60,000-78,000 rpm)

15 Planetary Speeds: 20-500 rpm
6 Feeds: 1-2-4 and 3-6-12 mm/min
Minimum/Maximum Bore Diameter for Grinding: 0.8/125 mm
Grinding of Tapers with Draft and Counterdraft:
Tilt on Both Sides: 45°
Maximum Distance Spindle Axis – Vertical Guidance: 560 mm
Spindle Motor: Power absorbed: 0.45 kW
Frequency Converter: Power absorbed: 1.3 kW
Weight of the Head: approximately 60 kg