CNC précision lathe FORCE ONE FCL 20 with a slant bed

CNC précision lathe FORCE ONE FCL 20

TypeCNC précision lathe
ModelFCL 20
Year of manufactureNew
Swing over bed480 mm
swing over carriage280 mm
distance between centers462/700/1000 mm
stroke X axis165 mm
stroke Z axis475/700/1000 mm
Speed of feed range X/Y/Z/W/V/Blongitudinal 30 m/min
rapid traverse X/Y/Z/W/V/Btransversal 30 m/min
rotation speed rangemax. 4200 rpm
spindle power9-11/11-15/15-18,5 kW
Turning tools speed25-4 000 rpm
Tailstock diametre75 mm
Tailstock stroke395/650/1000 mm
Dimensions3350/4000/4700x1575x1867 mm
  • The major machine parts, such as the base, saddle, headstock,slide and tailstock are made of Meehanite cast iron and tempered to relieve stress there by ensuring lifetime accuracy.
  • High performance servomotors are directly coupled to the pre-ten sioned ball screws.
  • Linear guideway on the X and Z axis.
  • 45 degrees slant bed construction features efficient chip removal and firm support.
Токарный станок с ЧПУ FORCE ONE FCL 20